Beau Ideal Installs Inc. is a trusted and experienced flooring systems provider offering exceptional flooring design, installation and maintenance. We understand that commercial and residential property owners and managers are looking for the perfect combination of product excellence and knowledgeable service from a qualified team of flooring specialists with the ability to customize flooring solutions to suit a range of budgets.

For complete floor system installation project planning from start to finish, consult with a Beau Ideal Installs Inc. flooring expert offering a range of flooring systems that include:


For durability and the latest industry designs, linoleum floor coverings offer style and versatility as well as practical value. Available in hundreds of colors and many distinctive design patterns, choose from high-quality sheets and tiles combined with installation and service excellence tailored to your specific needs. Beau Ideal Installs Inc. installs solid sheets, modular and click tiles, marbled linoleum and linoleum suitable for sports facilities among a full range of linoleum floor options.

Premium Quality Vinyl Tiling

For business or homeowners who are looking for a luxury floor system at a fraction of the cost, Beau Ideal Installs Inc. provides high-quality luxury vinyl floor systems that offer easy maintenance and can be harmonized to suit any commercial or residential decor.

Carpet Tiles

Whether you are looking for carpet tiles for a heavy traffic commercial environment or to aesthetically enhance your home, Beau Ideal Installs Inc. supplies and installs carpet tiles to create spectacular designs that offer comfort and long-lasting performance.

Acoustic Floor Systems

Our team of flooring specialists provide a range of specialty products designed specifically for residential or commercial environments looking for sturdy flooring that reduces noise through state-of-the-art impact sound reduction flooring technology. Discuss your particular needs with knowledgeable Beau Ideal Installs Inc. staff to determine the best flooring options available on the market today.

ProfessionalFloor System Installation

Our floor installation experts provide complete project preparation and management of all floor system installations. Beau Ideal Installs Inc. staff offer years of experience and knowledge with matching the most suitable quality adhesives and floor accessories to the most suitable flooring products. Consult with our floor care specialist for recommendations on floor system maintenance to ensure that commercial and residential flooring provides you with lasting value and performance excellence.

Contact a Beau Ideal Installs Inc. representative for more information and to schedule a free flooring system estimate today.

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