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Pre-finished Hardwood Flooring

Beau Ideal Installs Inc. understands that the installation of new pre-finished hardwood flooring is a significant investment and that business and homeowners are looking for cost-effective flooring installations that provide practical value as well as aesthetic appeal.

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Laminate Flooring

Beau Ideal Installs Inc. offers stylish and practical laminate flooring installations that serve as attractive flooring solutions in addition to providing you with a range of practical benefits.

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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is now one of the most popular flooring options on the market today. Using advanced technology, today’s updated vinyl tile flooring is manufactured to precisely simulate natural stone.

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Flooring Design

Floor design possibilities are limitless when colors, patterns and flooring types are taken into consideration. Discuss your flooring ideas with an experienced Beau Ideal Installs Inc. floor designer for when it’s time to update flooring at your home or business location.

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Carpet Installation

When contemplating a new carpet installation, consider the importance of hiring professionals to ensure that carpet replacement costs remain within budget and are price-efficient. Beau Ideal Installs Inc. provides a full range of carpet and flooring installation services.

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Commercial Carpeting

Beau Ideal Installs Inc. provides business flooring and commercial carpeting for any commercial location large or small. Our highly qualified carpet installation technicians are fully equipped with industry approved tools and techniques.

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Flooring Systems

Beau Ideal Installs Inc. is a trusted and experienced flooring systems provider offering exceptional flooring design, installation and maintenance. We understand that commercial and residential property owners and managers are looking for the perfect combination of product excellence and knowledgeable service.

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